Southwest Florida IMA's curriculum falls into one of four categories:

Internal 101: Tai Chi Internal/External:
Internal 201: Bagua Cardiovascular &
Additionally, multiple alternative subjects of study are available:
Martial fundamentals, diet & nutrition, internal concepts, cardiovascular & conditioning, and discipline-specific martial practice.

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Martial Fundamentals
Student will learn basic strikes including palm strikes, punches, some kicks, safe falling, and developing balance.
Diet & Nutrition
As one progresses through programs aimed at developing physical endurance and stamina, learning how to properly nourish the body is essential for continuing an active lifestyle over an extended period of time.
Internal Concepts
Principles that are a part of many martial arts in smaller quantities that are essential for the internal arts are taught here. Chief among them include structural development, relaxation techniques, and integrative dynamics.
Cardiovascular & Conditioning
You are only as good for as long as your lungs can hold out. Guides to effective cardiovascular workouts and a guide to measuring your weekly activity can be found in this section.
Discipline-Specific Martial Practice
The three internal arts, Taiji, Xingyi, and Bagua,have their own study techniques whose purposes are to impart not only better internal body mechanics, but applications of those concepts to a particular self-defense situation.