Diet & Nutrition

While it might be an easy sell; the benefits of proper nutrition in a fitness program cannot be overstated. All caloric intake comes from one of three sources: protein, carbohydrates, and lipids (fats). By getting more of those calories from protein rather than the others, you will find that it takes a shorter time to recover after a workout. By extension, taking a naturally sourced multivitamin, you might find that it becomes easier to stay awake during the day or stay focused on your work. Furthermore, if you can find sources of essential nutrients in food, then maintaining proper nutrition can become an effortless and worthwhile advantage to hold.

Here you will find articles and selected readings to familiarize yourself with a few basics on nutrition and where to find those nutrients.

Nutritional Overview: Macro Nutrients

Describes the three categories of macro nutrients: protein, carbs, and fats.

Nutritional Overview: Micro Nutrients

Understanding the role of vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Tactical Nutrition

Learn of common food sources for essential vitamins and minerals and provides a framework for utilizing sports nutrition principles.

Recovery Time and How to Shorten It

Improve your workout frequency and consistency with these helpful pointers.

To Caffienate, Stimulate, or Walk Cold Turkey

Balance caffeine and pre-workout supplements with your work day to improve sleep and improve your day-to-day workout consistency.

Joints: Your Lifeline to Lifelong Success

How to maintain the health of your joints to ensure capable movement throughout your life.

Post-Workout Nutrition Guide, Part I:
Protein and Recovery Post-Workout

Familiarize yourself with principles important to recovery and includes a food sources guide for them.

Post-Workout Nutrition Guide, Part II:
Crafting Your Optimal Protein Shake

Use sports nutrition principles to speed up recovery and become familiar with relevant sports nutrition supplements.