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Welcome to the homepage of Southwest Florida Internal Martial Arts. This website is an online portal to bring underrepresented forms of martial arts to Southwest Florida. Based in Fort Myers, Southwest Florida Internal Martial Arts is currently in its development phase; lessons are offered on a first-come-first-served basis for the time being.

If you are unsure of what "internal" refers to when "Internal Martial Arts" is spoken, then reading the following articles might be helpful to explain what is being taught here:

In short, internal arts emphasize body structure above all else.

All of us here at Southwest Florida Internal Martial Arts seek to develop an online curriculum to teach these internal principles as well as to keep the interested individual pursuing a healthy lifestyle. As this program is developed, the "Study" section of this site will be filled in.

If you wish to learn more, direct yourself to the "About" section of my site to learn more about myself, the internal arts, and services that I provide.